Dog Ticks in Florida

As animal lovers, we at Pest & Plant Management of South Florida know that pets are an important part of our lives.  Most of us are willing to do everything in our power to provide a comfortable home for our pets.  One of the most important things we can do for our furry friends is to protect them from South Florida Lawn Pests.  In Florida Broward County, Martin County FL, and Palm Beach County FL we deal with a variety of insects, including Fleas on Cats Florida and Dog Ticks in Florida.  Ticks in Florida can be harmful not only to our pets, but to us as well, which is why PPMSF provides Lawn Spray Services Florida and Exterminator Florida services to rid our customers’ homes and yards of these annoying insects.

Ticks have long been associated with a myriad of diseases including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, and Anaplasmosis.  Those who are concerned that they or their pets might have contracted a tick-borne illness should be on the lookout for signs like fever, lethargy, weakness, swollen joints, and even anemia—all common symptoms of tick-borne disease.  Tick paralysis, an alarming condition characterized by difficulty walking and even total paralysis, is another side effect of tick bites. 

Ticks can often be found in tall grass, plants, or thickly wooded areas, so one of the best defenses against these arthropods is to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy.  Those worried about their or their pets’ health should consider taking it a step further and relying on PPMSF’s Lawn Spray Services Florida to deter Ticks in Florida from feasting upon themselves or their pets.  To ensure that these insects don’t gain a stronghold in your yard, implement a regular schedule of tick-reducing treatments like the South Florida Pest Control Services we provide.  In the event that ticks make their way into your home, we also offer Exterminator Florida services. 

In our subtropical climate, we run into countless varieties of South Florida Lawn Pests.  From Dog Ticks Florida to Fleas on Cats Florida to Bee and Wasp Control, our Pest Control Services Florida can put an end to any Insect and Rodent Infestation imaginable.  Whether you’re dealing with Pest Control Rodents Florida issues, need the best Residential Pest Control Florida or Commercial Pest Control Florida, need assistance with Household Spider Control, or would like to keep your yard looking its best with our Lawn Maintenance Services Florida, we can help.  Our technicians have received the most thorough Florida Pest Control Training and are ready and able to handle any of your Lawn Pest Control Florida needs.  We serve communities throughout Martin County FL, Florida Broward County, and Palm Beach County FL like Jensen Beach Florida, Delray Beach FL, Boca Raton FL, Boynton Beach FL, Lantana Florida, the City of Lake Worth Florida, the Town of Jupiter Florida, Hobe Sound FL, and Palm Beach FL.