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Honey bees are in danger

Whole colonies of honey bees are dying all over the world. This has disastrous consequences for our biodiversity and...
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The European Commission vote took place on Tuesday 16th July with only the UK, the Czech Republic and Slovakia abstaining and only Spain...
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At PPMSF, we specialize in Residential Pest Control Florida, but we also offer a broad range of Commercial Pest Control Florida services.  Whether you own a business or a home, you can benefit from our indoor Pest Control Services Florida and Exterminator Florida services. 

The first step to living or working in a bug-free environment is to rely on our professionals to determine which of our South Florida Pest Control services will be most beneficial for your situation.  Once we have discovered which pests are plaguing you, we will proceed to formulate a plan that will meet your individual needs.  We offer annual, quarterly, or bi-monthly treatments to help prevent pests from invading your home or office.  

Some of the most common vermin we deal with are Florida Roaches, Florida Beetles, Fleas on Cats Florida, Dog Ticks in Florida, Florida Wasps, and scorpions, but we have solutions for each individual South Florida Pest Control problem.  In addition to providing Exterminator Florida services, we also specialize in Lawn Spray Services Florida and Lawn Maintenance Services Florida.  If you need assistance with Scorpion Pest Control, Household Spider Control, South Florida Lawn Pests, Bee and Wasp Removal, Pest Control Rodents Florida, we’ve got your covered.  Our technicians have received extensive Florida Pest Control Training from our owner, Mike Kilby, who has 35 years of experience exterminating Florida’s most dreaded pests.