Indoor and Perimeter Pest Control

There are a variety of ways to treat infestation, but the best way is to prevent it before it becomes a problem.  One of the Pest Control Services Florida that we provide is the Bug Barrier Program, a form of perimeter pest protection.  The philosophy the Bug Barrier Program is to create a barrier that will block pests from entering your home before infestation becomes a problem.  Our expertly trained technicians begin this preventative process by administering insect control spray around the base of the foundation, thereby making all those little cracks, crevices, and holes impassable to insects. 

This program combines the flexibility of annual, quarterly, or bi-monthly treatments with the effectiveness of a proven method of pest control.  No matter which option suits you best, our technicians will provide you with free Exterminator Florida services if any bugs should manage to get through the protective barrier they have put in place.   

If your pest control needs extend beyond the barrier of your house to your landscape, we also offer customized programs specifically designed to eliminate pests such as cinch bugs, fire ants, spiders, roaches, or any rodents such as mice or rats that are common to South Florida. PPMSF also treats lethal yellow, a disease palm trees are likely to develop.

At Pest & Plant Management of South Florida, we can help you with all of our South Florida Pest Control needs.  From Residential Pest Control Florida to Lawn Fertilization Services Florida, from Household Spider Control to Dog Ticks in Florida, we can find a solution to any problem.  We can help you Get Rid of and Control Roaches Florida, we specialize in Pest Control Rats West Palm Beach FL and Scorpion Pest Control, and we can help you eliminate all manner of South Florida Lawn Pests, including Florida Beetles, Ticks in Florida, Florida Wasps, and Fleas on Cats Florida.  If you live in the City of Lake Worth Florida, Lantana Florida, Florida Broward County, Boynton Beach FL, Palm Beach FL, or Martin Country FL, you can rely on our full scope of Pest Prevention and Control Florida services to make your lawn beautiful and past free.