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Pest & Plant Management of South Florida is expanding its services to include trapping and removal of unwanted animals and insects encroaching on South Florida homes and lawns. This includes, but is not limited to, larger animals, such as iguanas, raccoons, and opossums. We offer bee extermination as well as fly and mosquito control in addition to our standard Pest Control Services Florida and Pest Control Rodents Florida. Don’t take matters into your own hands.


As part of the exotic pet trade for decades, escaped or released iguanas have become a landscape pest in South Florida to the point that some form of control is now necessary. A few problems with the ever-growing population are:

  • they eat ornamentals, flowers and fruits
  • they burrow next to sidewalks, seawalls and foundations compromising structural integrity
  • they defecate in the areas they habitat
  • they swim in residential and community pools

Three large members of the iguana family—the common green iguana, the Mexican spiny-tailed iguana and the black spiny-tailed iguana—have established themselves into our communities, along with many large lizards that can be misidentified as iguanas. Those include the brown basilisk, knight anoles and the Jamaican giant anole. Our subtropical climate is ideal for these large herbivores (plant eaters) to survive and reproduce.

Adult iguanas are herbivores and feed mainly on foliage, flowers, and fruit. Occasionally, they will eat insects, lizards, nestling birds and eggs. Juvenile iguanas tend to eat more insects and small prey. A few of the plants, shrubs, flowers and fruits iguanas eat are:

  • orchids
  • ornamentals
  • hibiscus
  • bougainvillea
  • berries
  • figs
  • mangoes
  • tomatoes
  • bananas
  • lychees

Iguanas are generally docile but as with any creature cornered or harassed, they will strike to defend themselves or their young. Their bite is painful and their saliva and feces can contain salmonella bacteria.

In the event you are experiencing an infestation or wish to investigate Pest Prevention and Control Florida, please contact us at 561.547.4406. We would be happy to discuss the merits of the various treatment options available to you and the related costs for each.


Africanized honey bees, or “killer bees,” are becoming more common in South Florida. Highly aggressive, these bees are potentially more dangerous than their cousins because they respond quicker to threats, sting in large numbers, and have been know to pursue an enemy for a quarter of mile or more.

Do not attempt to remove these bees yourselves. They do constitute a danger if provoked and should be treated with respect and observed from a safe distance. A bee visiting a flower is not a threat nor does it indicate there is a colony nearby.

Areas in which bees nest are:

  • hollow trees and exposed tree branches
  • burrows in the ground
  • eaves and soffits under roofs
  • chimneys and attics
  • garages, shed, and other outbuildings
  • lumber piles
  • water meter and electrical boxes
  • manholes
  • gutter downspouts
  • abandoned vehicles and appliances
  • empty containers and flower pots
  • utility infrastructure, such as power and light poles
  • old tires
  • bird nesting boxes
  • playground equipment

PPMSF will humanely trap and remove any unwanted pest from your property. We are trained in all phases of trapping and removing, including iguana and Pest Control Rodents Florida and Bee and Wasp Control. For more information on the quality Residential Pest Control Florida and Commercial Pest Control Florida we offer, call us today at 561.547.4406 for a free estimate.  With licenses in Florida Broward County, Martin County FL, and Palm Beach County FL, we provide comprehensive Pest Control Services Florida to locations like Lantana Florida, the City of Lake Worth Florida, the Town of Jupiter Florida, Hobe Sound FL, Delray Beach Florida, Boca Raton FL, Boynton Beach FL, the City of West Palm Beach FL, and the surrounding communities.  We provide Lawn Maintenance Services Florida and can help keep your yard free of South Florida Lawn Pests like Dog Ticks in Florida and Fleas on Cats Florida.  Our technicians receive the best Florida Pest Control Training and can help you find the most efficient Roach Control Products and Scorpion Control Products, help you rid your home of Lady Beetles of Florida, and assist you with any of your Florida Structural Pest Control Problems.