Pest Prevention and Control - Florida

In Florida Broward County, Martin County FL, and Palm Beach County FL, where our South Florida Pest Control company does its business, we are accustomed to experiencing a variety of infestations.  From Florida Beetles to Ticks in Florida to Fleas on Cats Florida, there are an endless number of unsavory pests that can attack our households and businesses.  At PPMSF, we can do more than simply provides state-of-the-art Lawn Maintenance Services.  We can also help to get Insect and Rodent Infestation of all kinds under control. 

Roaches of Florida are some of the nastiest creatures around, and no one wants to encounter one of these insects in his or her home.  PPMSF is familiar with all of the latest technology in the battle against roaches and can help you Get Rid of and Control Roaches Florida.  We have a variety of Roach Control Products that will help you rid your home of these unwanted guests.  Whether you need our Exterminator Florida services or Lawn Spray Services Florida to deter these creepy creatures, we can be of service.

Household Spider Control

Spiders are another common visitor of South Florida households.  They sneak in through cracks and crevices and take advantage of open doors and windows.  Once they’ve entered, they take up residence, leaving your home filled with their ghastly webs.  If you need advice concerning Household Spider Control and Residential Spider Pest Control, Pest & Plant Management of South Florida can help.  Our Bug Barrier Program is designed to stop these pests in their tracks before they have the opportunity to invade your home.  If the problem has escalated to an all-out infestation, we can use our arsenal of treatments to banish these pests from you home.

Bee and Wasp Control

The constant buzzing of bees and wasps is annoying, but it can also be very dangerous to those who are allergic to the venom of either species.  Africanized honeybees are moving into South Florida communities at a rapid rate, and places like Palm Beach FL, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach FL, the Town of Jupiter Florida, Hobe Sound FL, and Delray Beach FL are at risk for infestations of these deadly predators.  Africanized honeybees, or “killer bees” as they are more commonly referred to, are a far greater threat than their native cousins as they are more aggressive, sting in larger numbers, and have been known to pursue their enemies for up to a quarter of a mile.  If you notice a bee hive or a wasps’ nest in your yard, do not attempt to remove yourself as you’ll risk inciting the wrath of these often aggressive creatures.  Instead, rely on the Bee and Wasp Control services provided by PPMSF.  We provide the Best Wasp Control and can help rid your home of Florida Wasps and bees.

Scorpion Pest Control

Those who have spent their lives in South Florida know that it is not uncommon to encounter a scorpion every now and then.  These dark brown creatures, which range in length from 1-4 inches, are typically found underneath boards, debris, and any other objects that might afford them protection.  However, they will sometimes find their ways into buildings through cracks, crevices, and improperly sealed pipes, and are often prevalent in new construction.  Their stings can be extremely hazardous to those who are allergic to them, but our technicians, who have received the proper Florida Pest Control Training, know how to exterminate these dangerous invaders.


Pest & Plant Management of Florida offers the best in Residential Pest Control Florida and Commercial Pest Control Florida.  Whether your problem is with Roaches of Florida, Florida Beetles, or even Rodent Infestation, we can help.  We even provide Lawn Maintenance Services Florida to help keep your trees, shrubs, and ornamentals looking their best, and our Lawn Fertilization Florida can keep your lawn lush and green throughout the lengthiest drought. For all of your South Florida Pest Control needs, rely on PPMSF.  We offer the best Lawn Pest Control Florida, Pest Control Rodents Florida, and Lawn Spray Services Florida in the area!