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Pest & Plant Management of South Florida offers annual, quarterly, and bi-monthly pest control and fertilizer programs for both Commercial Pest Control Florida and Residential Pest Control Florida customers. At PPMSF, our goal is to educate our customers while developing a customized pest control or fertilization program specifically designed to gain control over undesired pests, or bring the condition of your lawn back to a healthy state.

Pest & Rodent Control
Many Residential Pest Control Florida customers prefer to minimize the use of pesticides inside their homes and would like to receive the treatments while they are out of the house. Because of that desire, we have created a program specifically designed to eliminate pests for our customers while providing flexibility for a service that is required when you are a homeowner.

The Bug Barrier Program is designed to allow our customers the freedom that they want for pest control services. When you are enrolled in this program, you will receive annual, quarterly or bi-monthly treatment for your home with a pesticide that will place a barrier between your home and the pests. If some pests manage to get inside, our technicians will treat the interior of your home at no additional charge.

Our Bug Barrier program is a flexible way to control your pests without having to invest time that most of our customers cannot afford to waste. Offering the ease of pest control from the outside in, this program is our leader for minimal commitment pest extermination solutions.

If your pest control needs extend beyond the barrier of your house to your landscape, we also offer customized programs specifically designed to eliminate pests such as cinch bugs, fire ants, spiders, roaches, or any rodents such as pigeons, mice or rats that are common to South Florida. PPMSF also treats lethal yellow, a disease palm trees are likely to develop.


Lawn Maintenance Services
All residents in South Florida were placed under tighter water restrictions, which limits watering to only one day a week. At PPMSF, we can help your lawn thrive and survive during these times! The key to keeping a healthy lawn during a restricted watering schedule is achieved in three steps: using a wetting agent, watering less often, and watering deeper. By following these steps, you will improve the moisture retention of the soil.

Lawn Fertilization Florida
Our subtropical climate makes caring for your landscape a year-round task. Consistent Lawn Fertilization Florida is required to ensure nutritional balance and minimize insects and weeds. Florida lawns in particular are difficult to maintain, due in part to soil makeup that is unlike any other soil in the country. PPMSF understands the stress your grounds experience all year long. We recognize that each lawn is unique and has its own character and nutritional needs.

PPMSF utilizes an in-depth Lawn Fertilization Florida process that is created specifically for each season, which ensures constant nutritional benefits for your lawn for the duration of your program. Our technicians work with a wide range of fertilizers and herbicides that promote a healthy plant, grass, and tree system. We can provide a comprehensive testing of your soil, ensuring that we have the proper strategy in place for creating healthy grounds. In combination with understanding basic maintenance, PPMSF offers spraying of ornamental trees and shrubs. We combine fertilization with Pest Prevention and Control Florida customized to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and pest free. Whether you need our deep-root fertilization or granular slow-release Lawn Fertilization Florida, we have the program that is right for your landscape and ornamentals.

PPMSF offers a wide array of Pest Control Services Florida.  Whether you’re in need of Residential Pest Control Florida, Commercial Pest Control Florida, Lawn Pest Control Florida, or Lawn Maintenance Services Florida, we can meet your needs.  We can help you Get Rid of and Control Roaches Florida, Fleas on Cats Florida, Dog Ticks in Florida, Rodent Infestation, Florida Wasps, Florida Insects Beetles, and so much more.  If you’re looking for technicians who have received the most thorough Florida Pest Control Training, need to learn more about Household Spider Control, or Bee and Wasp Control, contact us today to learn about the comprehensive list of South Florida Pest Control services we provide to residents of Florida Broward County, Palm Beach County FL, and Martin County FL.