Rodent Extermination Services
The people of South Florida deal with a variety of pests on a daily basis.  Our subtropical climate makes an ideal habitat for a large number of invasive pests and our area is home to more rodents than many other regions.  During recent years, active hurricane seasons have contributed to the influx of rodent infestations.  As animals’ habitats are destroyed by natural or unnatural means, they seek shelter where they can find it and oftentimes the average residential home looks like the perfect place for an animal to reside.  Many homes and businesses are plagued by the presence of mice and rats, since these creatures can invade buildings through cracks and crevices that are less than an inch wide.  Mice and rats are not the only pests we find in South Florida, though.  Places like the City of Lake Worth Florida, Lantana Florida, Boynton Beach FL, and Jensen Beach Florida are also plagued with raccoons, opossums, and even iguanas. 

If you are seeking help when it comes to Pest Control Rodents Florida, Pest & Plant Management of South Florida can help.   We have recently added trapping and removal of unwanted animals to our repertoire of Pest Prevention and Control Florida services.  If you have a raccoon wandering through your yard, don’t hesitate to call us.  These animals are often associated with rabies, and their bites or scratches can spread this dangerous disease.  We also have the proper equipment for removing opossums from yards.  Though they are relatively harmless, opossums are often credited with tearing up lawns as they root around for insects and other food sources.

One of the most common pests we deal with is the iguana.  Not natural inhabitants of South Florida, most iguanas are thought to have made their way to the area through the illegal pet trade, and many have likely escaped or been released from captivity.  Though they are not native to the area, iguanas thrive in Florida’s warm, humid climate and this invasive species has been known to wreak havoc on lawns by eating ornamentals, burrowing near foundations, and contaminating the areas in which they live with droppings and saliva that can contain dangerous bacteria like salmonella.  They eat plants like orchids, hibiscus, berries, mangoes, tomatoes, and bananas and are also known to eat birds and small insects.  Rather than attempt to trap an iguana on your own, we recommend relying on our Pest Control Services Florida to remove this creature, which can be dangerous when cornered. 

In addition to iguanas, many of our Residential Pest Control Florida clients find themselves dealing with roof rats.  The roof rat is the most common of the many South Florida Lawn Pests.  Ranging in color from light gray to black, this rodent can easily make its way into residential homes by crawling into vents, torn screens, pipes, chimneys, and other unsealed openings.  Though their main vice is the numerous droppings they leave behind, they are also prone to gnawing through various substances such as aluminum, copper, lead and even things like cinder blocks and concrete.  Our Pest Control Rats West Palm Beach Florida services includes rodent bait stations, one of the most effective ways of getting rid of these irritating creatures.  

For all of your Pest Control Rodents Florida needs in and around Florida Broward County, Martin County FL, and Palm Beach County FL, contact Pest & Plant Management of South Florida.  Not only can we help you with Insect and Rodent Infestation and Raccoon Control, but we can help you get rid of Dog Ticks in Florida, Fleas on Cats in Florida, and all kinds of South Florida Lawn Pests.  We can even assist you with Household Spider Control, Residential Pest Control Florida, Lawn Maintenance Services Florida, Bee and Wasp Control, and Commercial Pest Control Florida.  Our employees have the best Florida Pest Control Training and can help handle any Pest Control Services Florida you might need.