Pest & Plant Management of South Florida - Services

At Pest & Plan Management of South Florida, we focus on providing the best Lawn Pest Control Florida.  Our comprehensive list of South Florida Pest Control services are available to residents of the City of Lake Worth Florida, Boca Raton FL, Delray Beach FL, Palm Beach FL, the City of West Palm Beach FL, the Town of Jupiter Florida, Hobe Sound FL, Jensen Beach Florida, Lantana Florida, and other communities throughout Martin County FL, Palm Beach County FL, and Florida Broward County. 

Indoor Pest Prevention and Control Florida

Our Bug Barrier Program is a preventative program design to block insects from entering your home before infestation becomes a problem.  Many of our clients are concerned about Florida Roaches, Florida Beetles, Fleas on Cats Florida, Ticks in Florida, Scorpion Pest Control, and Residential Spider Pest Control.  Whatever your worries, our Bug Barrier Program can help keep your home insect free. 

Pest Control Rodents Florida
Rodents like mice, rats, raccoons, and opossums are prevalent in South Florida, which is why the South Florida Pest Control services we provide include the trapping and removal of animals such as these.  We also specialize in trapping and removing iguanas, an invasive species which is steadily becoming more common in South Florida.

Lawn Spray Services Florida
In order for your lawn to maintain a healthy appearance, it is essential that it be free of harmful insects and damaging diseases.  Our highly trained technicians will administer the proper treatments that will keep you lawn looking lush, green, and free of pests.

Lethal Yellow Treatments
We can provide treatment for Lethal Yellow, a disease which often affects palms in South Florida. 

Root and Soil Conditioning
A healthy lawn starts at the root, so it is important that your roots and soil remain properly conditioned no matter the season.  Our proven root and soil conditioning treatments, in combination with the Lawn Fertilization Florida and Lawn Spray Services Florida we provide will ensure that your lawn stays healthy and vibrant all year round. 

Lawn Maintenance Services
Florida for Trees, Shrubs, and Ornamentals
Healthy grass is an important part of any lawn’s appearance, but it is our trees, shrubs, and ornamentals that make our yards truly unique.  In order to keep these essential features looking their best, we administer treatments that deter damage-causing insects such as beetles, mites, caterpillars, and flies.  These services also help to prevent fungus from forming on your plants. 

Water Restriction Awareness and Wetting Agents

South Florida is notorious for its lengthy droughts, and water is a precious commodity in this part of the state.  With 35 years of experience providing Lawn Maintenance Services Florida, we know how to fortify your lawn against droughts.  One of our most popular treatments, Hydretain Moisture Manager, stores water and releases it as necessary, thereby reducing the amount of water your lawn needs and making your grass better able to withstand drought. 

Our Pest Control Services
Florida include both Residential Pest Control Florida and Commercial Pest Control Florida.  We provide Lawn Maintenance Services Florida for trees and shrubs, Lawn Fertilization Florida to keep you lawn at its best, we can rid your lawn of South Florida Lawn Pests, assist you with Pest Control Rodents Florida, help you with Bee and Wasp Control, and eliminate Dog Ticks in Florida and Fleas on Cats Florida from your pets.  Our experienced technicians receive the utmost in Florida Pest Control Training so they are ready to handle each and every one of your South Florida Pest Control problems.  From iguanas to Florida Roaches, we have you covered!